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By Curt Mastio on May 29, 2024

Invoicing Tools for Startups

Whether you are a startup, small business owner, or freelancer, you need a good invoicing software that simplifies your invoicing process, saves time and money. The most effective invoicing tools limit the time and effort required to record transactions between a business, easy to use, and accessible when on the go. The tools in this section offer single entry system-wide adjustment either when services are rendered to a client.


Harvest is more than just an invoicing tool. The platform allows businesses to track and attribute time spent by teams or specific individuals to specific activities and clients, and automatically create an invoice to send to clients. The platform is integrated with PayPal and Stripe, and with some accounting platforms (QuickBooks Online and Xero). Additionally, using the mobile app for time tracking encourages accurate documentation of employee work hours while out-of-office This platform is ideal for teams working to provide online services on-site or remotely and bill according to time spent.

Practice Ignition

Much like Harvest, Practice Ignition is much more than just a billing tool, although its platform design is intended for a significantly different business model. Instead of on-boarding a client rendering certain services  and issuing an invoice, the workflow in Practice Ignition is initiated by a proposal created by a business. The client may make a payment upon acceptance, completion or recurring payments as services are delivered. This platform only works with direct debit, ACH or credit card payments.


FreshBooks has similar functionality to the Harvest Platform. Although both have a free service tier, FreshBooks paid services are offered at a slightly higher subscription rate but have functions which are not included by Harvest. These include collaboration tools and workspace for teams working on the same project and a deadline management tool. Further and unlike Harvest, FreshBooks processes credit card payments.

In conclusion

Your selection of an online invoicing tools would purely depend on your business needs, processes, workflows, budget, and possibly 3rd party software integration. All these tools offer necessary features out of the box to manage your business.

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Published by Curt Mastio May 29, 2024
Curt Mastio